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«Russian Journal of Mathematical Research. Series A» – scientific journal.

E-ISSN 2413-7529
Publication frequency – 2 times a year.
Issued from 2015.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Narine G. Aharonyan[Армения]The Distribution of the Distance Between Two Random Points in a Convex Set2015, March1365
2Arsen R. Simonyan[Россия]Measurable Cantor Group in R12015, March1329
3Gurmeet Singh[Индия]Construction of Coefficient Inequality for a New Subclass of Class of Starlike Analytic Functions2015, March1322
4Hakop Kechejian[США], Victor Ohanyan[Армения], Vardan Bardakhchyan[США]Tolling Contracts With Two Driving Prices2015, March1183
5M.A. Quliyev[Азербайджан], U.V. Qurbanova[Азербайджан]Multidimensional Inverse Problem for the System of Parabolic Equations in Unbounded Domain2015, March1040
6Victor I. Samarin[Россия]Fuzzy Combinatorics2015, September1017
7Victor K. Ohanyan[Армения]Recognition of Convex Bodies by Probabilistic Methods2015, September996
8Arsen R. Simonyan[Россия]Around the Model GI|G|s|∞2015, September960
9Arsen R. Simonyan[Россия], Elena I. Ulitina[Россия]Properties of the Trajectories of Waiting Times and Downtime in Single-channel Models With Expectation2015, September922
10Rafik A. Simonyan[Россия], Irina P. Lopatina[Россия], Nadezhda A. Kornienko[Россия]Some Marginal Distributions in the Model Kleinrock2016, March858

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